Since 1961 KhPI is published in a collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.”  In 2001  bulletin reorganization took place. In connection with the order of the rector № 158 from 07.05.2001 -1, “On ordering the publication messenger NTU “KhPI “, a collection was renamed the Journal of the National Technical University “KhPI “. Simultaneously Coordination Council was established, which included the responsible editors thematic editorial boards headed by the rector of the university. At the same time approved the “Procedure for the publication of articles in the Journal of NTU “KPI”, which included the need for executive editor of the editorial boards of case to ensure compliance with the requirements of SCC of Ukraine in thematic publications. Bulletin of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” series “Technological progress and efficiency” is included in the list of specialized editions VAK of Ukraine. Bulletin publishes articles as employees NTU “KPI”, and article authors other research institutions in Ukraine and abroad.  On all matters of publication of articles in the Bulletin may be addressed to the executive secretary of the editorial board, educational building U-1, 10th Floor, Room 1002, tel. 707-66-11.