Requirements for articles

The article should be performed using Word editor without pagination. The paper – at least 4 pages, not including bibliographic description. Example.

Hyphenation allowed only “soft” (press Ctrl + «-»). Conventional and automatic hyphenation is prohibited.

Paper Size: A4; orientation – landscape; all fields of 1.5 cm; 2 pages per sheet [in terms Word – 2 pages per sheet], right between 3 cm. spaced throughout the article – single, font Times New Roman (for text software – font Arial or Courier), size (where otherwise stated) – 10 pt, normal.

Article Title contains:

  1. Code UDC. Printed without indentation, alignment to the left.
  2. Name and surnames (for each author – a new line). Prints after one blank line after the UDC. Align left, indent 0.75 cm. Initials and names are in capital letters; italic bold font. Following the comma indicates the name of science degree (Cand. Tech. Science, Dr. Sci. Sciences, academician etc.), Position (student, PhD student., Science. Et al., PhD., Professor.) organization name (NTU “KPI”; IPMash NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov; NIIhidropryvod ZAO, Kharkov; BelhTASM, Belgorod, Russia). Font. Data for each author ends the sign “;”. The name of the city do not need to specify the NTU “HPI” or if it is contained in the Company (Sumy NPO. Frunze). The name of indicated only for foreign authors. Each name is written on a new line.
  3. Title of the article. Printed in large letters across one blank line after information about authors. Font – direct, bold; Indent 0.75 cm; indent the first line 0 cm; left-aligned.
  4. The paper abstract should contain a list of keywords written in the language of the written article after one blank line after the title of the article. After the references and the date of the article are two other annotations before each of which provides bibliographic description of the publication.
  5. In summary (primarily in English) should be concise bring results that include introduction, objectives and tasks of articles resolution methods, results, conclusion (explicitly or implicitly). The volume of Russian or Ukrainian annotations should make 5-6 lines (50-60 words), the amount of English abstract – 250-350 words.

The main text begins one blank line after the title of the article. Font – 10 pt.

Alignment is performed in width, indent a new line – 0,75 cm.

The text should contain subsections: introduction, analysis of recent research and literature, the purpose of the article posing the problem, research materials, research results, conclusions. Conclusions should reflect prospects for further research in this direction.

Figures and tables contained in the article, it is recommended to issue the following rules:

  • Figures and tables are placed within the text in the center of the page;
  • Photos must be submitted in electronic form, stored in a storage formats bitmap;
  • Drawings should be prepared in vector graphic formats;
  • On the figures and tables should be links in the text.

In the editorial board must be submitted:

  • UDC code.
  • Title in Ukranian, Russian and English languages .
  • Abstract (not less than 200 words) in English, Ukranian and Russian languages .
  • Keywords (up to 15) in English, Ukranian and Russian languages .
  • The text of the article, according to the requirements.
  • Information about the authors (first name/surname, institutional affiliation (place of work or study), position, academic degree, scientific and honorary titles, e-mail, phone/fax numbers, postal address to send journal).