Editorial Board

General editorial politics of the Bulletin of NTU “KhPI” defines the Coordination Board which contains of prominent scientists, professors NTU “KhPI”.

Coordinating Council defines the general requirements that apply to all series of the Bulletin, rules, requirements, the procedure for their papers and concept selection. Thus each series of the Bulletin of NTU “KPI” has its own editorial board, which sets out specific requirements for the posts in a particular subject.

Nowadays the editorial board consists:

    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Morachkovsky O.K., (resp. editor), detailed
    • Cand.Tech.Sci., Doc. Andreev A.G., (resp. secretary)
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Avramov K.V.,
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Aleksandrov E.E.,
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Breslavsky D.V., detailed
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Vorobjev J.S.,
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Zinkovsky A.P.,
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Kurpa L.V., detailed
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Lvov G.I., detailed
    • Dr.Phys.-Math.Sci., Prof. Mikhlin Yu.V.detailed
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Tkachuk M.A.,
    • Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof., corr. member of NAS Ukraine Shevchenko J.M.


The address of editorial board is following::
61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine,
Frunze str. 21, NTU “KhPI”,
dep. “Dynamics and Strength of Machines”,
phone: +38 (057) 707-68-79.
email: sah4199@ukr.net