Bulletin no. 3 (1279), 2018

Antonova I. V., Chikina N. A. Prepropriate analysis of time series by methods of fractal analysis and phase trajectories view
Burlayenko V. N., Sadowski T., Pietras D. A numerical analysis of near tip fields in a bending moment-loaded double cantilever sandwich beam fracture specimen view
Bey A. I. Quality of image recovery by “blind” method view
Voropay A. V. Suppression of non-stationary vibrations in a mechanical system consisting of a plate and concentrated mass. Passive vibration protection view
Dushkin V. D. Integral equations for the diffraction problem of monochromatic waves on a multi-element periodic not pec restangular flange view
Garder S. E., Gomozov E. P. Analysis and prediction of bitcoin rate by SSA method view
Garder S. E., Kornil T. L. Fractal analysis and frocasting trends of financial time series view
Kozhushko A. P., Grigoriev A. L. Mathematical modelling of low-frequaency oscillations of viscous fluid in horizontal container with free surface view
Kurpa L. V., Timchenko G. N., Osetrov A. A. Nonlinear free vibrations of multylayered shallow shells and plates with cutouts and various boundary conditions view
Melnyk O. S., Horbarchuk M. S. Majority nano-devices of sequential type view
Melnyk O. S., Borsuk A. O. Synthesis of majority single-electron nanodevices with memory view
Naboka O. O. Unifirm attractor for wave equation with non-linear damping depending explicitly on time view
Nazirova T. O., Kostenko O. B. Instrumental analysis of demographic indicators in the medical information system view
Olshanskiy V. Р., Olshanskiy S. V. Vibrations of power nonlinear oscillator caused by force pulse view
Olshanskiy V. Р., Olshanskiy S. V. Ateb-sine in the solution of Hertz’s problem of impact view
Osetrov A. A., Alyokhin D. S., Bekariuk A. N. Calculated estimate of the average operating fuel economy of a car engine view
Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Discrete mathematical model of hypersingular integral equation on a system of intervals view
Saltan B. A., Sobko D. A., Kulakovska I. V. Improving computer bot weapon choice decisions using FALCON neural network learning algorithm view
Tatarchuk D. D., Didenko Y. V., Popravka A. P., Brage K. S. Mathematical modeling of microwave filters based on thin dielectric resonators and methods for measuring their parameters view
Tkachenko V. V. Investigation of dynamic stability of multilayer plates with holes view
Cheremskaya N. V. Developing algorithms of optimal forecasting and filtering for some classes of nonstationary random sequences view