Bulletin no. 27 (1303), 2018

Andrenko P. M., Dmitrienко O. V., Kulinich K. O., Endeko V. V. Mathematical model of unloading valve with adjustable hysteresis ZOP … NHY view
Bomba A. Ya., Klymyuk Yu. Ye. Prediction of changes in the characteristics of piecewise homogeneous porous loads of rapid multilayer filters view
Girya N. P., Dukhopelnykov S. V. Mathematical model of H-polarized wave radiation from longitudinal slots of a cylindrical antenna view
Gomozov E. P., Zaika T. S. Some mathematical models of pricing in electricity markets view
Gomozov E. P., Mezerna M. V. Modern problems of dynamic management of a portfolio of financial assets view
Kozhushko A. P., Grigoriev A. L. Modeling of coupled oscillations of wheeled tractors and tanks with liquid on a straight road with difficult terrain view
Korzhov I. M. Perspectives for the development of theory and practice of control and diagnostics in terms of proficiency testing of laboratories view
Olshanskiy V. Р., Olshanskiy S. V. Oscillations of a beam with binary fixed ends under pulse load view
Olshanskiy V. Р. On the impact of a visco-elastic body on a rigid obstacleу view
Onyshchenko S. P., Leontieva A. I. Practical aspects of development program optimization under “fuzzy” conditions and project resultsв view
Pershyna I. I., Chernogor T. T., Saprykin S. O. Approximation of discontinuous functions of two variables by the minimax method view
Plaksiy Yu. A., Homozkova I. A. New two-frequency reference models of rigid body rotation for error analysis of SINS orientation algorithms view
Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Numerical solution of first kind singular integral equation with Hilbert-type multiple integral view
Polyansky V. I. Mathematical model of elastic movement management in mechanical processing view
Rebrov O. Yu. Distribution of admissible pressure of running gears of collector tractors on the soil throughout the territory of Ukraine view
Uspenskiy V. B., Nekrasova M. V., Bagmut I. A. Method of increasing the accuracy of BINS according to measurements of appearing acceleration for controll of fast rotating object view
Chayka D. O., Emeljanova I. O., Andrenko P. M., Grigoriev A. L. Mathematical modeling of the processes of supplying building mixtures with pistonless hose concrete pump view
Shevchenko S. A., Konokh V. I., Mitikov Yu. A., Grigoriev A. L. Universal orthometric real gas equation of state for modeling processes in rocket-and-space technology units view
Yanyutin Ye. G., Gnatenko G. A., Yegorov P. A. Nonstationary deformation of reinforced cylindrical shells view