Bulletin no. 22 (1347), 2019

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Andrenko P. M., Emelyanova I. A., Subota D. Yu. Methodological bases for determining the reliability of hydraulic drive operation at the stage of designing universal technological kits of small-sized equipment for the off-formwork concreting. pp. 3 – 8

Batygin Yu. V., Shynderuk S. A., Chaplygin E. A., Yeryomina E. F., Bezridna A. V. Flat circular solenoid between massive bifilar coils. Estimated ratios. pp. 9 – 15

Voropay A. V. Controlling nonstationary vibrations of a plate with attached concentrated mass. Active vibration protection. pp. 16 – 22

Dimitrova-Burlayenko S. D. Criterion for preserving almost periodicity of the second derivative of an almost periodic function. pp. 23 – 30

Kozhushko A. P., Grigoriev A. L., Kalchenko B. I. Mathematical modeling of free liquid surface motion in transporting agricultural semitrailer tanks. pp. 30 – 38

Kukhtenkov Yu. M., Krupa E. S. To the question of the design of the flow part of an integrated torque converter. pp. 38 – 44

Naboka O. O., Grigoriev A. L. Specified equations of in-phase elastic vibrations of active mechanical medium. pp. 44 – 56

Oleksenko V. M. Task solving as the basis of mathematical preparation of future engineers. pp. 57 – 61

Olshanskiy V. P. Approximate solution of the integral equation of body shock with a singular point on the surface of the contact. pp. 62 – 68

Olshanskiy V. P., Olshanskiy S. V. On limited duration of oscillations of free oscillator with nonlinear viscous resistance. pp. 68 – 75

Pershyna I. I., Tokmakova I. A. Optimal choice of planes for placing tomograms in computed tomography. pp. 75 – 81

Plaksiy Yu. A., Homozkova I. A. The error analysis of R. Miller orientation algorithm on a four-frequency reference model of a rigid body rotation. pp. 81 – 88

Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Numerical solution of a singular integral equation with the Hilbert kernel by the method of discrete singularities. pp. 89 – 94

Polyansky V. I. Technological regularities of reduced energy capacity in the mechanical treatment of machine details. pp. 95 – 100

Tarasenko A. P., Trokhymchuk S. M. Theoretical preconditions of polynormalization of images of set of same type objects. pp. 101 – 107

Udovenko V. A., Gladyshev A. I. Piloted simulation of the flight of the light helicopter in the wake of another helicopter. pp. 108 – 116

Cheremskaya N. V. Spectral expansion for a class of non-stationary random sequences. pp. 116 – 122

Chikina N. A., Antonova I. V. Time series forecasting by the method of Hidden Markov Models. pp. 122 – 128