Bulletin no. 1 (1355), 2020

full text  abstracts

Bondar A. V. Research of influence of information entropy on the energy entropy of the organization. pp. 3-8

Vanin V. A., Vanin B. V., Kruhol M. M. Mathematical modeling of thermal power plant’s boiler air-gas flow path regulation modes. pp. 8-15

Gorokhovatskyi O. V., Tarasenko O. P., Trokhymchuk S. M. Application of logic forms of choice functions in tasks of recognition of patterns. pp. 16-23

DimitrovaBurlayenko S. D.  On some metrizable topologies for weakly almost periodic functions. pp. 23-33

Kozhushko A. P.  Studying small transverse vibrations of variable mass units. pp. 33-43

Krutikov G. A., Stryzhak M. G.  Design of an electro hydraulic servo drive on the basis of the principle of minimizing energy costs. pp. 43-48

Neamah A., Donsky D. F., Nesterenko S. V. Designing regression model for estimating protection properties of cement stone in aggressive environments of Iraqi oil deposits. pp. 49-58

Nechuiviter M. M.  Aspects of stabilization of the heat condition of high pressure cylindrical cases of steam turbines in the starting and variable modes. pp. 58-63

Olshanskiy V. P. On the approximation of the Lambert function. pp. 64-68

Olshanskiy V. P., Olshanskiy S. V. Self-oscillations described by the generalized Van der Pol equation. pp. 69-74

Pavlova N. L., Onyshchenko S. P. The concept of modeling the optimal parameters of the projects of the portfolio of the project-oriented organization. pp. 75-79

Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Numerical solution of a system of singular integral equation with Hilbert and Cauchy kernels. pp. 80-87

Potanina T. V., Yefimov O. V., Khavin G. L. Modeling NPP power unit steam turbine installation steam separator-superheater temperature characteristics by interval analysis methods. pp. 87-95

Tokmakova I. A. Finite-step method for determining equilibrium state of gyrotheodolite. pp. 96-105

Khurdei Y. L. Theory of construction of operators of interpolation with predetermined projection. pp. 105-112

Cheremskaya N. V. Studying the behavior of rank (quasirank) and infinitesimal correlation functions or correlation differences in linear transformations of random functions. pp. 113-118

Chikina N. A., Antonova I. V., Soloshenko E. N. «Resistance» system module of professional risk fuzzy expert system. pp. 118-125

Yanyutin Y. G., Voropay A. V., Yegorov P. A. Nonstationary vibrations of rectangular isosceles triangle shaped membranes and plates. pp. 125-133