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Bulletin no. 1 (1355), 2020

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Bondar A. V. Research of influence of information entropy on the energy entropy of the organization. pp. 3-8

Vanin V. A., Vanin B. V., Kruhol M. M. Mathematical modeling of thermal power plant’s boiler air-gas flow path regulation modes. pp. 8-15

Gorokhovatskyi O. V., Tarasenko O. P., Trokhymchuk S. M. Application of logic forms of choice functions in tasks of recognition of patterns. pp. 16-23

DimitrovaBurlayenko S. D.  On some metrizable topologies for weakly almost periodic functions. pp. 23-33

Kozhushko A. P.  Studying small transverse vibrations of variable mass units. pp. 33-43

Krutikov G. A., Stryzhak M. G.  Design of an electro hydraulic servo drive on the basis of the principle of minimizing energy costs. pp. 43-48

Neamah A., Donsky D. F., Nesterenko S. V. Designing regression model for estimating protection properties of cement stone in aggressive environments of Iraqi oil deposits. pp. 49-58

Nechuiviter M. M.  Aspects of stabilization of the heat condition of high pressure cylindrical cases of steam turbines in the starting and variable modes. pp. 58-63

Olshanskiy V. P. On the approximation of the Lambert function. pp. 64-68

Olshanskiy V. P., Olshanskiy S. V. Self-oscillations described by the generalized Van der Pol equation. pp. 69-74

Pavlova N. L., Onyshchenko S. P. The concept of modeling the optimal parameters of the projects of the portfolio of the project-oriented organization. pp. 75-79

Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Numerical solution of a system of singular integral equation with Hilbert and Cauchy kernels. pp. 80-87

Potanina T. V., Yefimov O. V., Khavin G. L. Modeling NPP power unit steam turbine installation steam separator-superheater temperature characteristics by interval analysis methods. pp. 87-95

Tokmakova I. A. Finite-step method for determining equilibrium state of gyrotheodolite. pp. 96-105

Khurdei Y. L. Theory of construction of operators of interpolation with predetermined projection. pp. 105-112

Cheremskaya N. V. Studying the behavior of rank (quasirank) and infinitesimal correlation functions or correlation differences in linear transformations of random functions. pp. 113-118

Chikina N. A., Antonova I. V., Soloshenko E. N. «Resistance» system module of professional risk fuzzy expert system. pp. 118-125

Yanyutin Y. G., Voropay A. V., Yegorov P. A. Nonstationary vibrations of rectangular isosceles triangle shaped membranes and plates. pp. 125-133

Bulletin no. 22 (1347), 2019

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Andrenko P. M., Emelyanova I. A., Subota D. Yu. Methodological bases for determining the reliability of hydraulic drive operation at the stage of designing universal technological kits of small-sized equipment for the off-formwork concreting. pp. 3 – 8

Batygin Yu. V., Shynderuk S. A., Chaplygin E. A., Yeryomina E. F., Bezridna A. V. Flat circular solenoid between massive bifilar coils. Estimated ratios. pp. 9 – 15

Voropay A. V. Controlling nonstationary vibrations of a plate with attached concentrated mass. Active vibration protection. pp. 16 – 22

Dimitrova-Burlayenko S. D. Criterion for preserving almost periodicity of the second derivative of an almost periodic function. pp. 23 – 30

Kozhushko A. P., Grigoriev A. L., Kalchenko B. I. Mathematical modeling of free liquid surface motion in transporting agricultural semitrailer tanks. pp. 30 – 38

Kukhtenkov Yu. M., Krupa E. S. To the question of the design of the flow part of an integrated torque converter. pp. 38 – 44

Naboka O. O., Grigoriev A. L. Specified equations of in-phase elastic vibrations of active mechanical medium. pp. 44 – 56

Oleksenko V. M. Task solving as the basis of mathematical preparation of future engineers. pp. 57 – 61

Olshanskiy V. P. Approximate solution of the integral equation of body shock with a singular point on the surface of the contact. pp. 62 – 68

Olshanskiy V. P., Olshanskiy S. V. On limited duration of oscillations of free oscillator with nonlinear viscous resistance. pp. 68 – 75

Pershyna I. I., Tokmakova I. A. Optimal choice of planes for placing tomograms in computed tomography. pp. 75 – 81

Plaksiy Yu. A., Homozkova I. A. The error analysis of R. Miller orientation algorithm on a four-frequency reference model of a rigid body rotation. pp. 81 – 88

Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Numerical solution of a singular integral equation with the Hilbert kernel by the method of discrete singularities. pp. 89 – 94

Polyansky V. I. Technological regularities of reduced energy capacity in the mechanical treatment of machine details. pp. 95 – 100

Tarasenko A. P., Trokhymchuk S. M. Theoretical preconditions of polynormalization of images of set of same type objects. pp. 101 – 107

Udovenko V. A., Gladyshev A. I. Piloted simulation of the flight of the light helicopter in the wake of another helicopter. pp. 108 – 116

Cheremskaya N. V. Spectral expansion for a class of non-stationary random sequences. pp. 116 – 122

Chikina N. A., Antonova I. V. Time series forecasting by the method of Hidden Markov Models. pp. 122 – 128

Bulletin no. 8 (1333), 2019

Mathematical modeling of composite systems

Abramov G. S., Abramov M. G. Coalescence as asymptotic stage of internal oxidation process. pp. 5-10
Alekseyenko S. V. Mathematical model of H-polarized wave radiation from longitudinal slots of a cylindrical antenna. pp. 10-19
Bomba A. YA., Klymyuk YU. YE. Computer prediction of improving efficiency of water purification after coagulation in rapid multilayer filters. pp. 19-27
Bomba A. YA., Turbal YU. V., Turbal M. YU. μλ − derivative based modification of «pyramidal» time series extrapolation method. pp. 28-33
Brazaluk IU. V. Boundary element method application to numerical solving of linear boundary-value problems in domains with strongly segmented boundary. pp. 34-40
Vanin V. A., Kruhol M. M., Lasurenko O. P. Mathematical models of thermal power plant boiler operation systems in the problem of the boiler energy efficiency improvement. pp. 41-48
Vanin V. A., Svetlichnyy S. P. Application of parametric modeling tools for creation of numerical model of a soft body using SPH method. pp. 48-55
Vakhnenko V. O. The rogue wave іn a homoclіnіc approach. pp. 55-60
Vengrovich D. B. Investigation of compactons in prestressed chains of balls. pp. 60-68
Vorobiyenko P. P., Dmitrieva I. YU. Analytic solution of the differential Maxwell system and its numerical implementation. pp. 68-75
Voropaiev G. A., Baskova A. A. Modeling of transition process in tubes with spiral corrugation. pp. 75-81
Voropaiev G. A., Dimitrieva N. F. Numerical simulation of vortex flows in a semi-cylindrical dimple using SALOME, OpenFOAM, Paraview open source packages. pp. 81-87
Voropaiev G. A., Zagumennyi Y. V. Control of dynamic characteristics of an oscillating wing in the oncoming free stream. pp. 87-93
Voropaiev G. A., Rozumnyuk N. V. Modeling of non-stationary boundary layer over a structured surface. pp. 93-98
Voskoboinick V. A., Voskoboinick O. A., Тurick V. N., Voskoboinick A. V. Modeling of vortex structure generation by pair of oval dimples. pp. 98-104
Gourjii A. A., Kordas O. I., Nikiforovich E. I., Cherniy D. I. Application of the method of discrete singularities in short-term forecasting of pollution propagation on the sea surface. pp. 104-109
Dovgіy S. O., Bulanchuk O. M., Bulanchuk G. G. Computer program for simulation of urban areas aerodynamics by discrete vortices method. pp. 110-115
Zhuchenko S. V. Results of computer modeling of termogas dynamics of fast-neutron nuclear reactor fuel slug. pp. 115-121
Katan V. A. Using singular integrals in the sense of Hadamard finite part for water entry problems of gydromechanics. pp. 121-126
Kylynnyk V. YU., Tishkovetz YE. V., Kriutchenko D. V., Naumenko YU. V. Fluid vibrations in cylindrical-conical shell under vertical excitation. pp. 127-132
Kriutchenko D. V., Gnitko V. I., Shuvalova Yu. S. Method of discrete singularities for problems of analysis of vibrations of liquid filled tanks under horizontal and vertical load. pp. 133-138
Malash K. M., Bomba A. YA. Spatial generalization of the explosion process mathematical model using quasiconformal mappings methods. pp. 138-143
Moskalenko R. P., Palchikov R. G., Strelnikova E. A. Method of hypersingular integral equations for problems of free and forced vibrations of turbine blades interacting with liquid. pp. 144-149
Ostapenko A. A., Bulanchuk G. G. Simulation of the flow over obstacles with the lattice Boltzmann method at large Reynolds numbers. pp. 149-155
Panchenko B. E. On the numerical investigation of systems of singular integral equations of the first kind and with an indefinable index with regard to the SLAE condition number. pp. 155-164
Polyanskaya T. S. Discrete mathematical model of a hypersingular integral equation. pp. 164-169
Rudnitskii A. G., Rudnytska M. A., Tkachenko L. V. Fractal and morphological processing for phase contrast MRI image of the aortic lumen. pp. 170-175
Safonyk A. P., Prysiazhniuk O. V., Pasichnyk V. A. Modeling of process of wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation in non-isothermal conditions. pp. 175-181
Sokhatsky A. V. Modeling aerodynamics of bearing systems in the near-ground region. pp. 181-186
Тereshchenko L. N., Voskoboinick V. A., Voskoboinick O. A., Voskoboinick A. V. Physical modeling of flow across the bileaflet mechanical heart valve. pp. 186-192
Udovenko V. A., Gladyshev A. I. Aerodynamic characteristics of the helicopter main rotor in the wake of another helicopterа. pp. 192-198
Shekhovtsov A. V. Expressions for the stream function, velocity and vorticity of the viscous unsteady flow with slip induced by vortex near the wall and in the channel. pp. 199-204

Fundamental and applied studies

Batygin YU. V., Yeryomina O. F., Chaplygin E. O., Strelnikova V. A. Electrodynamic processes in instruments of magnetic-pulse attraction at direct current passing through the handled metal. pp. 207-213
Kozhushko A. P., Naboka O. O., Grigoriev O. L. Spectral effects and theorems on symmetric matrix bundle spectrum properties in composite mechanical system dynamical problems. pp. 214-223
Melnyk O. S., Mikolushko A. M. Reprogrammable multiplexer nanocircuits. pp. 224-231
Nechuiviter O. P., Сhоrna O. S., Darahan K. V., Pidlisnyi O. V., Chornyi S. O. New informational operators in problems of numerical integration of functions of two variables. pp. 232-239
Novikov F. V., Polyansky V. I. Analytic determination of technological parameters of mechanical processing. pp. 239-244
Olshanskiy V. P. Comparison of approximate solutions to impact strength integral equation in the framework of Hertz theory. pp. 244-249
Olshanskiy V. P., Olshanskiy S. V., Slipchenko M. V. Nonstationary oscillations of the membrane on a one-sided elastic base, caused by a force impulse. pp. 249-255
Pershyna S. A., Tokmakova I. A., Dumych YE. A. Construction of discontinuous interlineation polynomial splines for functions of two variables. pp. 256-263
Petrova R. V., Liubicheva O. I., Morozova A. I. Mathematical models and informational technologies of innovative project arrangement in the stakeholders’ system. pp. 263-267
Tokmakova I. A. Representation of real numbers by Fibonacci sequence. pp. 268-274
Cheremskaya N. V. Dependence of prognosis and filtration failure on different values of parameters for some classes of non-stationary random sequences. pp. 274-280

Scientific hypotheses and perspective technologies

Grigoriev A. L. Gnoseological analysis of the goals and basic principles of the organization of the controlled evolution of protein bodies. pp. 283-293

Bulletin no. 27 (1303), 2018

Andrenko P. M., Dmitrienко O. V., Kulinich K. O., Endeko V. V. Mathematical model of unloading valve with adjustable hysteresis ZOP … NHY view
Bomba A. Ya., Klymyuk Yu. Ye. Prediction of changes in the characteristics of piecewise homogeneous porous loads of rapid multilayer filters view
Girya N. P., Dukhopelnykov S. V. Mathematical model of H-polarized wave radiation from longitudinal slots of a cylindrical antenna view
Gomozov E. P., Zaika T. S. Some mathematical models of pricing in electricity markets view
Gomozov E. P., Mezerna M. V. Modern problems of dynamic management of a portfolio of financial assets view
Kozhushko A. P., Grigoriev A. L. Modeling of coupled oscillations of wheeled tractors and tanks with liquid on a straight road with difficult terrain view
Korzhov I. M. Perspectives for the development of theory and practice of control and diagnostics in terms of proficiency testing of laboratories view
Olshanskiy V. Р., Olshanskiy S. V. Oscillations of a beam with binary fixed ends under pulse load view
Olshanskiy V. Р. On the impact of a visco-elastic body on a rigid obstacleу view
Onyshchenko S. P., Leontieva A. I. Practical aspects of development program optimization under “fuzzy” conditions and project resultsв view
Pershyna I. I., Chernogor T. T., Saprykin S. O. Approximation of discontinuous functions of two variables by the minimax method view
Plaksiy Yu. A., Homozkova I. A. New two-frequency reference models of rigid body rotation for error analysis of SINS orientation algorithms view
Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Numerical solution of first kind singular integral equation with Hilbert-type multiple integral view
Polyansky V. I. Mathematical model of elastic movement management in mechanical processing view
Rebrov O. Yu. Distribution of admissible pressure of running gears of collector tractors on the soil throughout the territory of Ukraine view
Uspenskiy V. B., Nekrasova M. V., Bagmut I. A. Method of increasing the accuracy of BINS according to measurements of appearing acceleration for controll of fast rotating object view
Chayka D. O., Emeljanova I. O., Andrenko P. M., Grigoriev A. L. Mathematical modeling of the processes of supplying building mixtures with pistonless hose concrete pump view
Shevchenko S. A., Konokh V. I., Mitikov Yu. A., Grigoriev A. L. Universal orthometric real gas equation of state for modeling processes in rocket-and-space technology units view
Yanyutin Ye. G., Gnatenko G. A., Yegorov P. A. Nonstationary deformation of reinforced cylindrical shells view

Bulletin no. 3 (1279), 2018

Antonova I. V., Chikina N. A. Prepropriate analysis of time series by methods of fractal analysis and phase trajectories view
Burlayenko V. N., Sadowski T., Pietras D. A numerical analysis of near tip fields in a bending moment-loaded double cantilever sandwich beam fracture specimen view
Bey A. I. Quality of image recovery by “blind” method view
Voropay A. V. Suppression of non-stationary vibrations in a mechanical system consisting of a plate and concentrated mass. Passive vibration protection view
Dushkin V. D. Integral equations for the diffraction problem of monochromatic waves on a multi-element periodic not pec restangular flange view
Garder S. E., Gomozov E. P. Analysis and prediction of bitcoin rate by SSA method view
Garder S. E., Kornil T. L. Fractal analysis and frocasting trends of financial time series view
Kozhushko A. P., Grigoriev A. L. Mathematical modelling of low-frequaency oscillations of viscous fluid in horizontal container with free surface view
Kurpa L. V., Timchenko G. N., Osetrov A. A. Nonlinear free vibrations of multylayered shallow shells and plates with cutouts and various boundary conditions view
Melnyk O. S., Horbarchuk M. S. Majority nano-devices of sequential type view
Melnyk O. S., Borsuk A. O. Synthesis of majority single-electron nanodevices with memory view
Naboka O. O. Unifirm attractor for wave equation with non-linear damping depending explicitly on time view
Nazirova T. O., Kostenko O. B. Instrumental analysis of demographic indicators in the medical information system view
Olshanskiy V. Р., Olshanskiy S. V. Vibrations of power nonlinear oscillator caused by force pulse view
Olshanskiy V. Р., Olshanskiy S. V. Ateb-sine in the solution of Hertz’s problem of impact view
Osetrov A. A., Alyokhin D. S., Bekariuk A. N. Calculated estimate of the average operating fuel economy of a car engine view
Polyanskaya T. S., Naboka O. O. Discrete mathematical model of hypersingular integral equation on a system of intervals view
Saltan B. A., Sobko D. A., Kulakovska I. V. Improving computer bot weapon choice decisions using FALCON neural network learning algorithm view
Tatarchuk D. D., Didenko Y. V., Popravka A. P., Brage K. S. Mathematical modeling of microwave filters based on thin dielectric resonators and methods for measuring their parameters view
Tkachenko V. V. Investigation of dynamic stability of multilayer plates with holes view
Cheremskaya N. V. Developing algorithms of optimal forecasting and filtering for some classes of nonstationary random sequences view