For authors

The procedure of submitting a paper for publication in the Bulletin of the NTU “KhPI”, series: Mathematical modeling in engineering and technologies.

The documents required:

1. An application signed by all the authors of the paper (original or a color scan/ picture).

Download template.

Note, that the number of the authors of one paper should not exceed three (four in some exceptional cases). One issue of the Bulletin cannot contain more than three papers of the same author/ co-author.

2. An electronic version of the paper, which can be either e-mailed or brought personally by the authors to our Editorial Office. The addresses can be found on our Contact page.

Download template.

3. Act of expert examination confirming the possibility of publishing openly the results of the paper (if required by the Editorial Board).

4. A review signed by a Doctor or Candidate of Science in a field relevant to the paper content (if required by the Editorial Board).