Reviewing procedure

All the papers submitted for publication in the Bulletin of NTU “KhPI”, Series: Mathematical modeling in engineering and technologies (further “the Bulletin”), are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. The reviewing procedure adopted by the journal is single-blind, when the authors do not know the identities of the reviewers.

Each reviewer provides the Editorial Board with a written review covering points such as relevance, originality, and explicitness of the results presented. The review may also contain a list of remarks and suggestions towards improving the quality of the paper. In the end of the review the reviewer gives his/ her recommendation whether the paper should be

  • accepted for publication without modifications;
  • accepted for publication with minor modifications of after major revision;
  • rejected by the journal.

The authors of the paper are made familiar with the main points of the review including reviewer’s remarks and conclusions as to possibility of publishing the paper in the Bulletin. In case the review contains some remarks the authors must either comply with those introducing the necessary changes into the manuscript or provide the Editorial Board with their own opinion on the matter addressed.

The corrected manuscript is then checked by the editors of the Bulletin. The final decision as to publication of the paper in The Bulletin is made by the Bulletin Editor-in-Chief.